CLDI seeks transformed lives through the gospel by rebuilding lives, restoring families, and re-neighboring communities. This project not only embraces CLDI’s mission, but at its core will truly affect transformed lives through our job development program. We have identified three objectives for Rail//Line Coffee including the renovation and renewal of the gas station property into what will be the coffee house, stimulating economic growth on the South Side of Billings, and lastly, provide meaningful employment opportunities. 

The main intention of this business is twofold: the creation of a neighborhood coffee house, and through it, the establishment of a job development program. The program consists of three intermediate objectives and one final objective. The three intermediate objectives are Hard Skill Training, Soft-Skill Training, and Holistic Assessment. Through these we aim to teach our trainees how to be a barista and operate with espresso equipment. We will also teach them teamwork, problem solving, time management, and more. Lastly, we will address the mental, emotional, and spiritual health needs of our employees. This includes life coaching centered on addressing all aspects of their personal well-being. This will enable our trainees to arrive at the final objective of developing a solid skill set, becoming well rounded and self-sufficient, to the point that they are able to transition to long-term, sustainable employment. 

This project began in December of 2018 and our anticipated Grand Opening date is July 1st, 2020. We have established three phases to keep us on track. These phases are Design and Develop, Renovation, and Celebration.We are working with several consultants in designing and developing architectural plans, economic needs, and a cash flow projection. With a conservative estimation, we anticipate an annual profit of $65,652, which will be rolled back into CLDI programs. 

Lastly, we have established three performance measures of these objectives which include measuring the financial viability of Rail//Line Coffee, Personal Assessments & Management Feedback, and External Evaluations. Through these performance measures, we have also identified action paths depending on the results given. These action paths will allow us to continue in our work and goals of job development and economic revitalization. We have also identified “ideal world” scenarios and the actions we would take in this case (page 11). 

We are truly excited to formally announce and begin this project and be working toward it’s completion. Please see the appendix for renderings of our vision. 

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