The final touches are coming along nicely, as you can see from the pictures. We are ecstatic with how the project is turning out and grateful for our financial partners, Collaborative Design, and Langlas Construction.

As a reminder, we are currently hiring apprentices and baristas, so if you know anyone looking for a job or that could benefit from our job training and leadership development program, have them click here or email Colin at for information and an application.

Check out this awesome space! We are excited for the great coffee, food, and relationships this space will foster!
We hope to have the fence installed next week, and soon after that, landscaping!
Check out this amazing bench! It will be fun to see this space fully furnished.
I love seeing the attention to detail as we look to cultivate human flourishing through different avenues in the South Side, such as the opportunity to re-imagine an old gas station resulting in a redemptive coffeehouse removing blight, stimulating the economy, providing job training and leadership development, as well as creating space that will encourage relationships in the South Side of Billings.
I LOVE that these garage doors open up as they do… this will be a great feature during the warm summer and fall months.
You’ve got to have fun while you work! This is a good look for Jeff, our lead architect and friend.
Brick by brick, making the community livable again. Glory to God!

Thank you for your support and excitement with this project! Please join us in PRAYING for:

  • the right employees and apprentices to participate in the program,
  • the final planning for both the business as well as the job/life skill training, and
  • for the remainder of our deficit of $40,000 to fully fund the project.

God bless.

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