Consider partnering with us to break the cycle of poverty! Each donation counts, even the small ones! See below for the kind of impact you can make with one small donation.

pay it forward ($5-$25)

  • Help our Youth Works staff bring in youth to get coffee while discipling/mentoring them
  • Provide food or coffee for marginalized individuals who cannot afford to pay

Apprentice Emergency Fund ($50)

  • Move apprentices to financial sustainability
  • Help with necessary life-sustaining items such as deposits, rent, food, gas, etc. in case of an emergency

Microsoft Suite Training ($120)

  • Help cover the cost of training apprentices to become proficient in the Microsoft Suite – a vital skill for any job/career

Weekly Wages ($200)

  • Support an apprentice by covering the cost for a week’s worth of employment

Counseling Services ($200)

  • Provide the ability to offer mental health counseling for our apprentices, if beneficial or needed