the fabric of our family

Everyone has a story to tell. Watch and get a little glimpse into the world of our amazing apprentices. You are part of their story every time you buy a cup of coffee or a tasty pastry. Their story becomes your story.  You become a part of their community; welcome to our family.

Elijah Bayse

“The biggest takeaway from the apprenticeship program was figuring out how to set my priorities. Figuring out what I truly want to be important in my life and what am I letting be important that doesn’t need to be.” 

Rachael Cole

“If I hadn’t done the apprenticeship program I feel like I would be missing out on a lot. To look back to where I first started and where I am now and what I’ve been talking about; it’s a lot of growth.”

Aleiah Ramirez

“Work is sometimes all about the business…here it’s about everyone…everything. It’s about yourself, others, learning, growing. It’s like you’re a family. That’s why I always say Rail//Line’s pretty much my family; my other family.”

We are so proud of Aleiah and her time with us here at Rail//Line. The community we get to build here is truly special!   

Christian Nava

“Working at Rail//Line is a big deal because it’s helping me go toward my goals and stay out the street…I want to change the way people look at my last name. ” Christian is doing this every day! He no longer works here at Rail//Line, but remains an integral part of our family and community.